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We provide our clients with high quality professional services on market research, policy impact evaluation, forecasting, survey studies and economic and financial analysis of feasibility studies. Our consultants’ expertise can guide your business through today’s uncertain economic environment by giving guidance and directions based on research and evidence.



The expected rate of inflation

In the third quarter of 2018, 72 percent of individuals have the expectation of “increase in price level” in next 6 months and this response is higher by 27.2 percentage points than that of the third quarter of 2017. One fifth of consumers expects “no change in price level” in next 6 months. Compared to the previous year, this response is lower by 7.2 percentage points.

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Household Financial Situation

In the third quarter of 2018, 13.5 percent of consumers responded their financial situation improved within a year, while 28.3 percent responded their financial situation deteriorated. Moreover, the proportion of respondents reported deterioration has decreased by 6.1 percentage points.

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